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Augmented Reality in HealthcARe

Augmented reality (AR) is the art of superimposing computer-generated content over a live view of the world. AR integrates digital information with the user’s environment in real time and becomes more and more affordable in medical education, imaging, dentistry etc.. Also there is an app called AccuVein, VIPAR, ARnatomy and VA-ST are available for medical solutions. 


source: E&T Magazine

Medical Education: Professors leverage AR to educate medical students and also let doctors study more about drugs and new theories. There is an app called ARnatomy which is an optical character recognition app to access textbook images and also to overlay digital information on the human body which helps students learn more about bones and muscles. Its goal is to reduce bulky textbooks. 

source: pexels

source: AccuVein

source: journal of neurosurgery

Healthcare focused AR applications.

Healthcare focused AR applications which are available in Apple and Android. 

source: softzilla


source: Youtube

source: Pinterest

source: AVRspot

What is the future?

The AR market will resemble the smartphone market, so targeting the population worldwide. Already AR is witnessing an influx of software and hardware, mobile data and voice data with a large number of mergers and acquisitions. 

AR companies have to see that they regulate privacy concerns if they want to enter health care space, which will be beneficial for AR assisted surgeries, staff training and in patient behavioral and rehabilitation programs. 

It has been forecasted that by 2025 consumers will be able to analyze their health and well being in real time through AR apps and also they will come to know how time and unhealthy lifestyle will affect their bodies.

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