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Eating habits during Covid-19

Patients are right now looking for the ways to cope up with the pandemic and the most important question is what to eat? With children and entire families home together all day, and work and school schedules disrupted, loss of a daily routine can increase anxiety and disrupt healthy eating. 

Also there are challenges of healthy meals to make for the family and also for children too. What to feed them, what to make out of the limited grocery too. It’s tempting to buy whatever is available, even if it’s not something that’s part of your normal diet.

It’s hard to cope up with being in isolation and not able to reach out to favourite food and snacks. A few pretzels and chips are okay but people do have a problem eating everything at once. Processed foods and shelf-stable items like baked goods contain a lot of simple carbohydrates that create a yo-yo effect on our blood sugar, which can drive anxiety and worsen mood.

How to then make right choices?

You might be surprised to learn that certain nutrients in foods have been shown to reduce anxiety or spur the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine — and we all want to feel as good as we can during these times of uncertainty.

Reduce anxiety and boost immunity by choosing:

The bottom line:

Staying at home during Covid-19 is really very tough and also it boosts our anxiety a lot. And due to this people ignore healthy food and hop on whatever and also on food they like the most. So, it’s really necessary to plan and schedule the meal.

(Source: Health.Harvard)

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